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Single Web

  ₹ 2399/-  
₹ 1999/-
per 1 Year

Start Now 1 Websites 10 GB SSD 10 Mailboxes 3 Databases FreeSSL

Multi Web

  ₹ 4299/-  
₹ 3649/-
per 1 Year

Start Now 3 Websites 20 GB SSD 30 Mailboxes 10 Databases FreeSSL


  ₹ 9499/-  
₹ 8249/-
per 1 Year

Start Now Unlimited Websites 50 GB SSD Unlimited Mailboxes Unlimited Databases FreeSSL
Our shared hosting plans includes:

Single click Free SSL installation, Unmetered Bandwidth, 24/7 Support, Autobackup, Free Web development consultation, On request app like wordpress, jhoomla installation.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting service where multiple websites are hosted on a single server. Each website shares the server's resources, including CPU, memory, disk space, and bandwidth, with other websites hosted on the same server. This sharing of resources helps to reduce costs, making shared hosting an affordable option for individuals, small businesses, and organizations with basic hosting needs.

In shared hosting, users typically have access to a control panel, examples are ispConfig, hestiaCP or webmin , through which they can manage their websites, email accounts, databases, and other hosting-related features. The hosting provider is responsible for maintaining and managing the server hardware, software, security, and infrastructure.

Shared hosting is suitable for websites with moderate traffic volumes and resource requirements. It is ideal for personal websites, blogs, small businesses, portfolios, and other similar projects where performance and resource demands are relatively low.

While shared hosting offers cost-effectiveness and ease of use, it may have limitations in terms of scalability and performance compared to other hosting options like VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated hosting. However, for many individuals and small businesses, shared hosting provides a convenient and budget-friendly solution for hosting their websites.

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We have a policy of a single day response on every support ticket. Priority support is available with subscription.


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Frequently asked questions:

Building online presence is preety straight forward. Register a domain, Buy Web Hosting plan, Create your Website. Don't get confused, We have expert team to do it all for you. Contact @support
If you are just starting your website. Single Web Hosting plan under "Shared Hosting" has everything a website needs.
Control Panel helps you to manage a your website contents, databases, mail accounts, etc... without deep technical knowledge. We have hestiaCP, ISP Config Hosting panels on to our server.
Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting service that utilizes the resources of multiple servers, which are typically located in different data centers and interconnected via a network (the cloud). Unlike traditional hosting solutions such as shared hosting or dedicated hosting, where your website is hosted on a single physical server, cloud hosting distributes the resources needed to run your website across multiple interconnected servers.